Borgba and Mct Thalley's goal to help Manchester United 2-0 victory over Ajax, the club history for the first time to touch the UEFA Cup trophy.

The game, Mata starting, camiseta alemania 2018 in the second half was Rooney replaced end. He told BT Sport: "We want to win, the victory dedicated to the city of Manchester.

"After the tragedy that happened, I was happy with the results of today,   camiseta seleccion alemana and we all knew it was a hard time for Manchester, and we were happy to win the trophy and bring a little bit of comfort to the pain. "

The offensive frontcourt said that this victory there is more meaning,   equipacion alemania 2018that is, let Manchester United into the Champions League next season.

"This is very important to the team," Juan said: "Come here, camiseta seleccion alemania 2018 both the opportunity to win the UEFA Cup for the first time, but also to enter the Champions League next season.We do, I am very happy.